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Terms & Conditions

You must agree to the following terms and conditions to obtain services-
Ownership- We Techies retains ownership at all times over the services, including all ownership in any software or intellectual property accompanying the services. You shall not use our trademarks.

Services-Services against any order or plan order will be available once you made the payment for the services according to requirement of plan order. We Techies has no obligations to render services under any service plan if the payments as required under any order or plan order have not been made.

Access- The services are provided only via internet chat and remote sharing. Access to internet is required to receive the services and you are responsible for providing and maintaining your internet connection. A high speed internet connection is recommended in order to avoid delay in services.

Authorization- You authorize We Techies to access your computers and delete files that seems to be unnecessary for your computer operations. You authorize to change registry of any computer receiving services and to install, configure and install additional softwares.

Assistance – You shall assist We Techies as reasonably requested in diagnosing computer and providing the services. Your failure to co-operate with our expert constitutes a breach of this agreement.

Payment- You can avail our services only after paying the applicable fees for the services. All fees are posted on We Techies website. We may disable the services without any notice if you fail to pay the applicable fees. All fees is not refundable. You shall pay all fees in advance using a credit card .If we are unable to bill from the credit card details provided then we can make the services inaccessible to you until the payment is received.

Termination of Services- This agreement continues for as long as you continue to pay applicable fees for the services. We may terminate this agreement without any notice if you fail to pay any applicable fees. Upon termination , you shall cease the services and delete all copies of the related software

Communication- We Techies may send you communications regarding your account, the services .By accepting this agreement your consent to receive marketing material from We Techies.You may withdraw this consent

Arbitration- To the extent permitted by law, you shall notify We Techies of any dispute arising under this agreement before seeking dispute resolution. If the dispute is not resolved within 60 days after the initial notice the party may proceed

Modifications- We Techies may modify the agreement by posting an updated copy of the agreement on its website .We may also amend our website and pricing without any notice.

Right of Third Parties- There is no third party beneficiaries under this agreement

Assignment- You may not assign any of your right or obligations under this agreement. Any transfer without consent is void. We Techies may assign its rights and obligations without your consent

Survival- All provisions of agreement related to confidentiality, proprietor rights and limitations of liability survive the termination of the agreement

Data Collection- We Techies may collect any information necessary to ensure your compliance with this agreement. We may monitor and record services including any online sessions. These recordings are primarily for improving the customer service, Internal training and Internal market research

Acceptance - By clicking “I accept” you acknowledge that you have read and understand this agreement .Do not click “I accept” if you do not accept this agreement


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