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Setup & Installation

We provide online support for printers, scanners, routers etc.

A printer is a peripheral device which plays a very important role both for home and office users. Printers may give you problem with software drivers, printing issues, errors in printing etc.Its not that problem only lies in the hardware but sometimes software issues are also there which cannot be easily resolved. Taking our printer support plan you can stay relaxed and enjoy hassle free service 24*7 just with a phone call. Our technicians are available 24*7 to help our valuable customers. In case of any issue you can call our experts and resolve your issues such as incompatibility of printer drivers, set-up and installation of printers , compatibility issues etc .We provide support to printers of all brands.

Routers are the devices used for internet connections. In case of any fault in the router the internet connection gets interrupted which create problems in hassle free internet browsing .We also provide proper troubleshooting and experts support for routers


We provide an impressive range of services .Its broad technology makes it a good online option for the customers.

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